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Thursday, June 16, 2011


BAHAHA my reaction:
God Bless America -_-
Both glasses are 16 oz (2 cup) glasses. The glass on the right is 100 calories of regular Coca-Cola, and the glass on the right is the sugar that the 100 calories of soda contains.
WHA DAH FUHK is this?
Cats in HEAT lmaoooo!
Afternoon Snack: Three-year-old Lance lives in Tennessee, which is presently undergoing “a mass invasion of cicadas.”
Watch as the intrepid tyke demonstrates his “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach.

An extremely rare electric-blue lobster was recently caught off the coast of Prince Edward Island’s North Shore. How extremely rare are blue lobsters? Only one out of every four million gets to be this shade of awesome due to a genetic mutation.
Fisherman Blair Doucette and his wife Wendy told CBC News they are considering donating their one-in-several-lifetimes catch to an aquarium.


Static said...

LOL - "it gets on my pet peeves"

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

caramel onions.... hahahaha halloween is going to be an interesting one this year

D4 said...

I'm horrified how alike that Nicki Minaj cover was. Singing-wise at least. o_o

Bart said...

hahahahh i loved it. i laughed whole-heartily.

Zombie said...

Awesome rainbow cake!!

linkszee said...

That blue lobster is dope!
Tha last cat pic is hilarious